Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Jacaranda?

Club Jacaranda is an online Lifestyle Mall operated by One Loyalty Rewards.

Why should I join Club Jacaranda?

When you join Club Jacaranda, you will benefit from unprecedented deals 24 hours a day, and be able to shop at your own dedicated online mall - all without leaving the comfort of your home or office!

With Club Jacaranda, you are spoilt for choice with a fantastic range of over 300 great brands that you can buy at massively discounted prices. Plus you will be the first to know about any Jacaranda FM happenings, and win prizes and tickets to our concerts and events too. You must register to have full access to the site

The following benefits are available to all Club Jacaranda members:

Boating & Diving
Connect & IT
Concierge Services
Health & Vitality
Home, Decor & Appliance
Kids & Babies world
Leisure & Entertainment
Online Shopping
Online Travel
AA Online Travel
Clothing & Accessories
Clubmed Worldwide resorts
Mobi vouchers
Paper Vouchers

Will I have to pay a membership or registration fee to become a member of Club Jacaranda?

No membership or registration fee is applicable to joining Club Jacaranda, however some benefits or discounts may be charged to the member on a voluntary uptake basis (provided to the member at a discounted rate).

How do I contact a Club Jacaranda consultant?

You can contact us via our call centre or via email:
Call Centre: 0861 000 463
Email Address:


How do I register for Club Jacaranda?

You can register on the website
Once you have logged onto the website, click the “Register Here” option at the top of the screen where you will be required to fill in all your personal details on the application form, as well as prompted to create your own unique username and password.
Once this is complete, and you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of Club Jacaranda, submit the registration form.
You will then receive a letter of confirmation via e-mail to confirm that your registration was successful.

Registration problems:

I can’t login using my username and password?

If you have registered on the website previously and have forgotten your login details, or seem to be unable to login, email, or contact a consultant directly on 0861 000 463.

Can I order by phone?

The call centre is able to assist you with ordering certain benefits, as well as with emailing vouchers to you to redeem in-store. Our consultants will also assist you with arranging concierge/travel services.

How do I redeem benefits on the Club Jacaranda mall?

Various methods of redemption are available on the site, for example via the call centre, online shopping portals or by presenting a mobicode/paper voucher in store.

Is Club Jacaranda safe to use?

Yes, all precautionary security measures have been put in place with all suppliers to ensure correct procedures and safe practices are adhered to. In addition, a memorandum of understanding is completed and signed by each partner of Club Jacaranda.

Pricing and Payments:

Do the prices include VAT?

All items are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

What are the delivery costs involved if I order something from Club Jacaranda?

Delivery costs are subject to individual supplier’s terms and conditions, and are dependent on location/weight/size of item.

How do I pay for an item I have placed an order for?

No monetary transactions take place on the Club Jacaranda Mall, as this is not a transactional site. Any transactions will be concluded on the supplier’s site if applicable or directly with the supplier.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes! All suppliers are required to conform to the standard terms and conditions in order to form part of the Club Jacaranda Mall – security being one of our main priorities.

How do I know if my order has gone through?

Depending on the supplier and request/order, you will receive confirmation via the supplier themselves or the Club Jacaranda Call Centre agents.

Delivery of Purchases from Club Jacaranda:

Is there a returns policy?

There is no returns policy for the Club Jacaranda Mall, as any purchases made will be on the featured supplier’s site and terms and conditions will apply as per the supplier.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Delivery times will differ from one supplier to another, however standard delivery terms range from 24 hours to 5 days upon receipt of payment.

Will there be postage and handling charges?

Subject to terms and conditions of the supplier

Will I be able to track my order status?

The delivery method dictates availability of track and trace however, this is dependent on suppliers’ terms and conditions.

What is a “store only pick up”?

This is not a prerequisite of any of our current suppliers. Should a member want to arrange to collect their item, they will need to arrange this with the relevant supplier.

How do I use the Paper Vouchers feature?

You need to be registered on Club Jacaranda in order to gain access to the vouchers. Register with the featured supplier and enter the code supplied on Club Jacaranda. Alternately print out your voucher and take to the featured supplier directly.

How do I use a Mobi Voucher?

You will need to SMS the KEYWORD for your ed offer to SHORTCODE. Standard SMS rates apply.

Kindly note that the cost of the SMS will vary according to the supplier of the voucher

Do I need to register again with Club Jacaranda partners, even though I have already registered with Club Jacaranda?

Yes. Suppliers have different terms and conditions. It is imperative that Club Jacaranda members accept suppliers’ terms and conditions to adhere to the Consumer Protection Act

Travel related queries

How does it work when I want to make a travel booking?

To make a travel enquiry, you as the Club Jacaranda member need to phone the 0861 000 463 number to make use of the benefits. You will be required to provide the Call Centre agent with all necessary requested information for them to quote you on your travel request. Once a quotation has been made, this would be sent to yourself within 48hours (Please note this may take longer for larger packages and international requests). If you are happy with the quotation received and would like to make a booking you may confirm this with the Call Centre consultant. They will assist with the booking, and then advise payment most convenient for you.

If I book my travel through you do I get a discount compared to going to my local agent?

Depending what the booking entails the member would get up to a 35% discount. We have agreements with all our operators to offer you as a member the best discount rate possible for your travel needs. As well as offering the member discounted rates, we also offer true convenience: With one call we can assist you with your travel requests from start to finish all in the comfort of your own home.

Do we as Club Jacaranda members get a discount on flights?

We do not offer discounts on flights only. However we are able to find the cheapest available price for members and quote you. Our flight prices are based on availability we can offer great deals that will save you on packages that will include discounted flight prices.

I don’t live in an area that allows me to take advantage of the gym membership?

We are always working to increase our partners and extend our networks to new areas, and in time we will introduce gyms that hopefully are in your area. At this stage, however, we have a number of different discounts that, as member, you can take advantage of anywhere within South Africa