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Accident Protect
Accident Protect
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Relief – Recoveries – Representation

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South Africa has one of the highest road accidents counts in the world, with statistics showing that someone will die in an accident every 13 minutes. The impact of this on the victim’s families in terms of physical and emotional loss is often catastrophic. Thankfully we do have support in the form of the Road Accident Fund (RAF) which provides compulsory cover for all users of South African roads against such road accident deathsinjuries. The problem is that injured victims are faced with huge challenges when processing a claim with the RAF, at a time when they can ill afford this additional stress. Furthermore, the RAF claims process can be extremely costly, time consuming and complicated which makes getting compensation very difficult.

As a member of Accident Protect, if you are a victim of motor vehicle accidents in South Africa then you will get with immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund (RAF) Claims Management System. 100% of the recovery will be paid back to you and your family.

Our solution is simple and very effective:

• Relief – no queuesadmin nightmares and you receive your payout from the RAF in half the time compared to your submitting the claim by yourself
• Recoveries - You receive 100% of all payouts from the RAF at no cost to yourself
• Representation – our expert team will provide full medical, legal and administrative support

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Saturday: 08h00 – 12h00
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