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Pothole Protect
Pothole Protect
Brought to you by ROAD PROTECT (PTY) LTD

Relief - Recoveries - Representation

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All of us are aware that our roads take a pounding from heavy traffic which causes wear and tear as well as rain and storm damages and thus the dreaded “Pothole” has become a nasty reality for all of us. The unfortunate reality is that the authorities that manage the roads are stretched in terms of resources and funding and thus these potholes often take a long time to get fixed, if at all. As tax payers we have the right to expect more, however we don’t have a clear channel to address this problem.


Pothole Protect was set up to serve the need around the massive pothole (and roadworks) problem on the South African Roads, by alleviating the financial burden to drivers. Pothole Protect assists people (or insurance companies) in recovering 100% of the money that they have paid out as a result of pothole damages to their (or the insured’s) tyresvehicle. These recoveries are made from the relevant Roads Authorities nationwide.

Our solution is simple and very effective:

• Relief – no queuesadmin nightmares in dealing with Road Authorities and you receive your payout in half the time compared to if you submitted the claim by yourself
• Recoveries - You receive 100% of all payouts from the Road Authorities with no additional costs to you
• Representation – our expert team provide full legal and administrative support and representation

To take advantage of this great offer please click here to fill out an application form and a call centre agent will be in contact with you to confirm your membership.

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